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Re: New Sony 24sF format

> While I certainly agree that a true 1080/24P format would be desirable, and
> I'd like to see higher resolutions addressed as well, I do not share your
> optimism about the industry absorbing an infinite number of video, data, or
> formats, or standards for that matter.  The laws of economics still apply,
> even in the digital age!

Not really. If the laws of economics did apply, HD wouldn't exist at all.
There is no, repeat no, logical economic model for its adoption. Nor is
there any significant benefit to society at large. The only reason it's
happening at all is because of the power of the Japanese driven consumer
electronics lobby, which has convinced those in Washington that there is
some value to breaking post facilities, consumers, and most of all
broadcasters financially. The moment I see some logical financial model for
any of this, I'll retract these statements. Now, if this (still largely
prototypical and unfinished) technology were being applied to foster
development of electronic theatrical distribution and projection, it would
make at least some sense.

Mike Most

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