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Re: New Sony 24sF format

>Not really. If the laws of economics did apply, HD wouldn't exist at all.
>There is no, repeat no, logical economic model for its adoption. Nor is
>there any significant benefit to society at large. The only reason it's
>happening at all is because of the power of the Japanese driven consumer
>electronics lobby, which has convinced those in Washington that there is
>some value to breaking post facilities, consumers, and most of all
>broadcasters financially.

Hi Mike,

I think it is really ironic to hear this about HDTV; precisely the same
words were spoken regarding color TV nearly 50 years ago (just cut out the
word "Japanese" and insert "Radio Corporation of America").

>The moment I see some logical financial model for
>any of this, I'll retract these statements. Now, if this (still largely
>prototypical and unfinished) technology were being applied to foster
>development of electronic theatrical distribution and projection, it would
>make at least some sense.

The logical model is that HDTV represents an entirely different experience
for the viewer compared to ordinary TV.  Looking at only one piece of it,
movie audiences have been appreciating wider screens for years; why
shouldn't TV audiences?

In my opinion, there probably never would have been a sufficient incentive
to develop electronic theater if not for the technology already invented for
(H)DTV.  Most people were content with film!  The same could be said for
DVD; the majority of us were doing fine with our VHS tapes and laserdisks.
Other HDTV spin-offs are coming in fields such as medical imaging,
manufacturing, and the military.  Technology evolves as if it was a living
organism; if some piece of it can't thrive economically, it perishes.  But
before it goes, it passes its "essence" on to other technologies where it
can survive.  So even if HDTV broadcasting turns out to be a flop and
disappears, it will still have been worthwhile.

Best regards,
Christopher Bacon

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