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Re: New Sony 24sF format

>Hi Mike,
>I think it is really ironic to hear this about HDTV; precisely the same
>words were spoken regarding color TV nearly 50 years ago (just cut out the
>word "Japanese" and insert "Radio Corporation of America").

At least they had a General.  Now they only have General Electric.

Well, as a collector of old radios and tv's, it is apparent that "progress"
will take its course, and what appears to be useless to society this year 
may well be the mainstay in decades to come.  We saw it from print to radio,
from radio to tv, from tv to internet and hd (well, DTV) is just the next
phase.  To try to diminish its value is entirely natural... but futile.

The glory is gone; we are left only with the inevitable.

I say this as I gaze upon the RCA TK-11 (c. 1946) viewfinder chassis sitting 
before me, and the CBS color wheel frozen in antiquity, now just an artifact,
hanging on my wall.

Go with the flow... but don't forget the roots.  Quiz: Show your next 
interviewee a schematic of a 1926 Radiola 3-stage TRF reciever and ask
not even how it works; just ask him or her to identify what it does.

- b "in vacuo veritas" t

"Trust the computer industry to shorten "Year 2000" to Y2K. It was
this kind of thinking that caused the problem in the first place."
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