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RE: New Sony 24sF format

>We saw it from print to radio,
>from radio to tv, from tv to internet and hd (well, DTV) is just 
>the next phase. 

Except that these advances all moved from one medium of communication to
another. (incidentally adding to, not replacing, the range of media we have
to choose from).  HD is merely a modification of technology: the medium
(one-directional signals, moving images and sound) remains the same as
conventional TV.

HD does become a significant _part_ of a change when we look back before the
introduction of "high definition" 405 lines to the very first days of
broadcast TV, and question whether the advances in 60 years have been for
the good of the audience or not.

Or is it what's _in_ those lines that we should evaluate, not just how many
of them there are?

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