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Re: New Sony 24sF format

On 1999-04-08 at 09:42, Case, Dominic (Dominic_Case at atlab.com.au) wrote:

> HD does become a significant _part_ of a change when we look back
> before the introduction of "high definition" 405 lines to the very
> first days of broadcast TV, and question whether the advances in 60
> years have been for the good of the audience or not.

at the risk of sounding elitist, I'd maintain that often the audience
doesn't know what's good for them.  In the US, if it were left to
"market forces" to decide the format of broadcast medium for the
future, we'd be inundated with shopping, auction, and infomerical
channels.  It's a matter of education: if the common citizen were
well-informed regarding HDTV's possibilities, and knew as well how
such technological advances create spinoffs and "essence passing" (C.
Bacon quote), perhaps a perfect choice would be obvious.  I would
sooner trust a carefully chosen panel of illustrious experts than I
would my own scant knowledge of all the issues.

> Or is it what's _in_ those lines that we should evaluate, not just how
> many of them there are?

I rarely turn on the TV here in the US because of the difficulty in
finding the 2% or so of the interesting programming; visiting Denmark
not long ago, it was a pleasure to see high-quality programs on the
two available channels.


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