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Re: New Sony 24sF format

> The logical model is that HDTV represents an entirely different experience
> for the viewer compared to ordinary TV.  Looking at only one piece of it,
> movie audiences have been appreciating wider screens for years; why
> shouldn't TV audiences?

I would respectfully submit that you're confusing the elimination of visible
scan lines and the adoption of a wider aspect ratio with HDTV. Both of these
qualities are far more economically and technically available in 480p. And
before one dismisses this, one should see 480p and 1080i side by side, on a
monitor of less than 50 inches, from a "nominal" viewing distance. These are
the conditions under which probably 95% of American viewers will see
television. And under these conditions, even a trained eye (I consider my
eye trained, or at least better trained than the "average" viewer) will have
a very time telling which is which. A fact which only Fox seems to have done
enough research to notice.

Mike Most

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