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Re: New Sony 24sF format

Sarnoff convinced the FCC that NTSC was the better way to present "color" to 
the public back in 1953. It wasn't till 1965-66 that CBS and ABC finally 
joined NBC in delivering nearly all prime time programs in color to the 
viewing public. And this was after NBC (RCA) had lost millions in color 
programming before the mid sixties. Now, black and white 
programming/commericals is a novelty. How long will it take for HDTV to make 
NTSC "a novelty" ? Personally, I'm waiting for the first high speed pursuit 
in High Definition! At least we'll be able to see detail in the spike strips 
as the convertible (today's chase) rolls over the impediment! And for those 
outside of LA, all 7 VHF channels had choppers overhead. I love this town!

David Crosthwait

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