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Re: New Sony 24sF format

JDonenfeld wrote:
> While you gentlemen argue minutia(sic?) you overlook one thing.  How many 
> people do you think are going to run out and spend $5K for an HD set, when 
> they just paid a couple grand for their 40-70" rear-screen projection set?  
> And what about the Black-box converters? It will all boil down to.......... 
> an NTSC Broadcast signal, either on antenna or over some cheap cable 
> company's over-driven, noisy, over-crowded copper cable!

At the CES this year one manufacturer announced that they would 
have an HD set this year that would retail for $3,000.  Several other 
manufacturers have offered full value trade in against an HD set for 
a 525 projector set purchased currently.  I have been getting more 
requests lately for HD work here in NYC (one tv series and several 
commercials.)  There are so many co-ventures developing among 
manufacturers and broadcasters (eg, GE owning NBC, Cablevision 
owning The Wiz chain of electronics stores, the various phone 
companies' involvements with cable systems) that the market for 
consumer hardware will happen.  How many of us purchased 
prerecorded VHS and Betamax movies at $89.00 plus in 1978 (let 
alone the machine) and how many VCR's, DVD's etc. do we all 
own now?

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