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Re: New Sony 24sF format

>I would respectfully submit that you're confusing the elimination of
>scan lines and the adoption of a wider aspect ratio with HDTV. Both of
>qualities are far more economically and technically available in 480p.

Hi Mike,

Well, if you view NTSC the way it was meant to be watched, from a distance
about 7x the picture height, you probably won't see the scan lines, or much
fine picture detail either for that matter.  This is okay for relatively
close shots, but it enforces a "tunnel vision" on everything else.

HDTV displays are designed to reach a much greater portion of the viewer's
field of vision in order to more fully "involve" them in the "experience."
To do this, they are wider, and are designed to be watched from a distance
of about 3x the picture height.  This means the screens have to get a lot
bigger if the typical American living room is to keep the same basic
arrangement it has now.   In order to keep the scan lines from becoming
bothersome, there have to be more of them.

>before one dismisses this, one should see 480p and 1080i side by side, on a
>monitor of less than 50 inches, from a "nominal" viewing distance. These
>the conditions under which probably 95% of American viewers will see
>television. [...]

If one is viewing close shots framed by conventional TV techniques, it
doesn't make a whole lot of difference what kind of display you're looking
at.  In fact, given the state of the art in displays today, 480p would
probably be brighter and more contrasty, particularly from far enough away
to avoid being bothered by the scanning structure.  But when material framed
and composed for wider screens is viewed, one rapidly comes to the
conclusion that 480p is only a compromise, and perhaps not a very good one
in the long haul.

Best regards,
Christopher Bacon

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