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Re: New Sony 24sF format

David wrote:

>. It wasn't till 1965-66 that CBS and ABC finally
>joined NBC in delivering nearly all prime time programs in color to the
>viewing public. And this was after NBC (RCA) had lost millions in color
>programming before the mid sixties.

It wasn't until 1962-63 that NBC went all color all the time, and really
started to fight for it.  It was about 1965-66 that market penetration of
color TV broke through the one percent level.  That's when the adoption
"S" curve took off, and ran to completion by the late '70's.

If this bit of history is known to a network that really wants HDTV, maybe
we'll see full time HD on the air in less than nine years after the FCC's
commitment to the ATSC standard.  When the rise happens, it'll take a
decade or a bit longer.  The trick is getting to the trigger point.

-- J.S.

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