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Re: Email Address Test

On 1999-04-08 at 23:37, Ken Cosi (kcosi at reuna.cl) wrote:

> Hello, to all my friends, business contacts and acquaintances.  Please
> disregard this email.  This purpose of this email is to see what email

Ken, I know that was probably an accident, and you're forgiven, but
just so everyone knows, that's not a good idea on a mailinglist of
1000+ subscribers worldwide.  The archives are indexed, searched, and
stored on a server --for me to delete such a message takes some time
and effort, and in the meantime it has been sent to these 1000+
participants, all of whom trust the TIG to have a certain high
signal-to-noise ratio.

I was going to send this privately, as I do with most administrative
replies, but it's a good idea that everyone should know not to do this
sort of thing, thank you.

TIG admin
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