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Re: Shoping List

Hi Wilf,
I recently fitted a VTK autoshading kit to a mkIII here in Sydney.
Installation took about half a day, and I have been very impressed with
the results.
The kit actually replaces the Festival kit, and requires only Accuglow
lite, since it has its own burn correction features. Auto alignment
takes about 30 seconds, and once aligned the shading is way better than
was ever possible with the manual tweaks.
The kit is available from Options.
Usual disclaimers re: monetary rewards etc.

> Wilf Giovanella wrote:
> I am looking for information on "auto burn/shading" options for Mk III
> to work along with Festival and Accuglow upgrades. Any user feedback
> on effectiveness, ease of use advantages and disadvantages would be
> appreciated.

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