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RE: MKIII Auto shading

   I've just put in our second one at The Machine Room, London. They do
work well without doubt. The shading alone will reduce errors to less
than 1% but will leave hard burn transitions. Also you have to be
careful where you put your pecs while you do the shading because if
they're in a different place the next time you do it, the film that has
just been graded will be regraded. 
We worked with shading only for a while, and that was fine except for
fact that we were/are doing tons of 16:9 stuff. A 4:3 picture taken up
to a 16:9 viewing a/r (in pal anyway) results in a one line CRT scan.
So, our tubes reached premature death either by burning (the shading
only didnt cover that up) or by the visibility of phosphor grain. 
We added the VTK burn corrector and the above symptoms were corrected
for beautifully. Unfortunately we haven't been running long enough to
tell you any more but i anticipate an extended CRT life. (sorry again

Graham Collett
VTR London

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