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C-Reality user coments

Comments from a new C-Reality user:
Sunset took delivery of their C-Reality approximately 4 weeks ago. I was astonished to have the machine up and running in less than 2 hours after it was physically rolled into the door. Another day was spent installing the da Vinci interface, software and orientation for the operators.
The machine works very well and the pictures look very nice.
Using an i/p as the source, the machine was inadvertently running at 15 ua, color corrections and noise even looked reasonable. It was not generally obvious that 15 ua of beam current was being used. At the normal 300 ua, basically no electronic noise. Yea, the PEC front end noise has finally disappeared.
There has been about 6-8 system lock ups to date. The lockups are more or less nuisances that require a system "soft reset" (turning off the power).
3-4 color grade lock ups.
1-2 secondary CC bouncing of signals
1 power supply failure. (This may have contributed to the original lock ups, time will tell).
Virtually no documentation, some preliminary operations docs. Hopefully the documentation will catch up with the machine. If anyone receives a new machine just ask a lot of questions at delivery and initial install.
Some peculiarities, just as each URSA or MK III have within themselves, but the learning curve hasn't been too bad to date.
All in all the C-Reality has operated very well, some bumps and scrapes with a very software intensive beast, but it seems to be settling down already.
Brent Broyles
Telecine Engineer
Sunset Post Inc.