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NAB and the signs over the monitors

When y'all walk into a booth next week and see signs over the monitors
describing the images you're seeing as to their format of origin,
conversion, and display, be sure to ask a company representative if the
signs are in fact true.

Last year, a technology exhibit purporting to show various formats in their
native form, and promoted in this very group by a representative of one of
the richest companies in the known universe, changed everything in their
booth but the signs. 

While I was visiting the exhibit, they didn't say anything about the change
to me or to booth visitors who were there at the same time I was. After
about ten minutes of discussion, I pointed to the signs over the monitors
and asked "is this what I'm seeing here?", at which point I was told it was

And I'm willing to bet this booth wasn't the only one. There's a lot of new
technology, and it's easy to be misled, especially by the end of the day
when you've seen so much stuff your eyes start to glaze over and roll back
in your head. If you find something truly interesting, you might want to
point to the sign and say "is this what I'm seeing here?"

Caveat Showgoer.


Bob Kertesz
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