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Re: NAB and the signs over the monitors

> And I'm willing to bet this booth wasn't the only one. There's a lot of new
> technology, and it's easy to be misled, especially by the end of the day
> when you've seen so much stuff your eyes start to glaze over and roll back
> in your head. If you find something truly interesting, you might want to
> point to the sign and say "is this what I'm seeing here?"

Having done equipment setups for various booths in the past, 
I can say that it lies aren't just coming from the signs.
There are plenty of tricks being played out behind the scenes
to make things seem much more than they are and even more 
hot air coming out of the sales guys. Always ask to see
behind the curtain and get a real runthrough. Usually
new technology at shows not ready for production.



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