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Re: NAB and the signs over the monitors

>Last year, a technology exhibit purporting to show various formats in their
>native form, and promoted in this very group by a representative of one of
>the richest companies in the known universe, changed everything in their
>booth but the signs.

Hi Bob,

The company in question made absolutely every effort to inform my colleagues
and I of the situation when we arrived at their booth.  They told me their
rights to use some of their prepared material got revoked in what was
described as "politics" the night before the show opened, and they had to
scramble for other stuff to display.  While it is true that they didn't have
a chance to make new signs before the show opened, and some of the people
working the booth weren't aware that changes had been made, I for one do not
believe they deliberately set out to mislead anybody.  Even though some of
the material had been converted from other formats right on the floor of NAB
earlier that morning, it was still a convincing display.

You want something to watch out for?  Just ask how the signal is getting
there at any booth showing "off air" DTV (specially set up and tweaked
antennas for each station, complex distribution and amplifier systems, and
the like--not your typical home cable lash-up!)

Best regards,
Christopher Bacon

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