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Re: NAB and the signs over the monitors

On Thu, 15 Apr 1999 11:53:58 -0400, you wrote:
>>Last year, a technology exhibit purporting to show various formats in their
>>native form, and promoted in this very group by a representative of one of
>>the richest companies in the known universe, changed everything in their
>>booth but the signs.
>Hi Bob,
>The company in question made absolutely every effort to inform my colleagues
>and I of the situation when we arrived at their booth.  They told me their
>rights to use some of their prepared material got revoked in what was
>described as "politics" the night before the show opened, and they had to
>scramble for other stuff to display.  While it is true that they didn't have
>a chance to make new signs before the show opened, and some of the people
>working the booth weren't aware that changes had been made, I for one do not
>believe they deliberately set out to mislead anybody.  
Hi Christopher,

Yes, I got the same story about politics once I asked if the signs
represented what I was seeing. Nothing was volunteered to me, though.

As for the signage, let me tell a little story.  I run a very small (two
person) company here. A few years ago, I had a booth at ShowBiz Expo. The
night before the setup day, the parameters of what I was displaying
changed.  All the signs for the booth had already been made and were ready,
but some were now incorrect (in fact, deceptive).  Early the next morning,
I managed to locate the graphic designer, gave her the new specs, and paid
extra to have a large rush put on the order. The new signs were ready that
afternoon, and cost me about $600 extra. Scaling that amount up
appropriately to fit their last year's revenue figures, one of the richest
companies in the known universe could have afforded to spend, say, about
sixty million dollars to fix their signs.

If I can get it done, it seems likely one of the riches companies in the
known universe could have gotten it done had they wanted to. If the Chief
Geek or Bald Guy had picked up the phone and said "FIX IT!" there would
have been new signs by the end of the day. Maybe even by lunch.

And finally, let us suppose for a moment that one of the richest companies
in the known universe has gotten so big, so top-heavy and bureaucratically
frozen that neither permission nor funding could be obtained in a timely
manner. All they would have had to do to fix it was to take the incorrect
signs down, which would have gotten people to ask "What am I seeing here?"


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