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Re: telecine fun night?

On 1999-04-16 at 22:13, WillAbbott at aol.com (WillAbbott at aol.com) wrote:

> is there a telecine fun night this year a nab?  if so, when and where?
> thanks,

Bill, it has been announced a few times on the -announce digest,
perhaps you missed it:


or, in the future, just do a search on the TIG webpages for 'Fun
Night' :].

the complete NAB TIG product focus sheet is at 
(as is noted in the footers of every message as well).  

If you're going to NAB and want a printed telecine guide, this comes
close to being what you need.  From compete telecines to cable ties :].

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quick NAB telecine product focus at

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