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Betr.: Wet Gate

Hi Raynelle,
my former employer, ARRI TV in Munich is transfering with Wet Gates on 
an URSA Gold. You can run 16 mm, S 16 and 35 mm there, if it should be 
suitable for you. Film Lab for proper re-washing after the transfer is 
also possible there. Contact address:
ARRI Film & TV Services
Guenther Bornkessel (Engineering Manager) 
Tuerkenstrasse 95
D-80799 Munich
Tel.  00 49 / 89 / 38 09-15 15
Fax   00 49 / 89 / 38 09-15 49
Email GBornkessel at arri.de
I hope this is useful for you (I do not receive compensation from 
Best regards
Stefan (has been Telecine Engineer at ARRI TV in former times)

NAB telecine product focus at

Thanks to DAV and Dave Walker for support in 1999
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