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Aspect Ratio and Crop

For those TIGers (this could start a whole new aesthetic, don't you think?)
who also frequent the CML, there is a thread on the recently released
"Cookie's fortune" discussing a possible projection/framing, oh, I wouldn't
call it a problem.... issue, then, regarding a few unwelcome intrusions on
the otherwise normally "safe" frame.  A few posts float the idea of 1.66
projection betraying the edges.  I'd be very curious as to what will happen
when this feature gets to the transfer for home video/DVD stage.  Of course,
for TV it will be "modified to fit your screen", but what is normally used
for "rack leader" for the resolution independent?  Is it the normal SMPTE TV
extract, protecting the optical audio area?  Seems this would be normal for
a theatrical release...  but as I don't do very much of this, I would like
to know how a video transfer would be framed for a 16x9 video (conforming to
the forthcoming TV widescreen market) while preserving the original 1.85
(rumoured to be common headroom) groundglass.   We're starting to get
heavily involved in "anamorphic" transfers for MOW's, whose producers wish
to future proof themselves by having a 16x9 transfer, extracting 4x3 for
immediate release.  This works perfectly with super 16, and 35 full
aperture, but what would you do to "widescreen" a protected area  picture in
which the "1.85" would normally be achieved by cropping?
I firmly believe that with the advent of radical departure from 1.33, we in
the transfer industry are in a minefield.  Whoever transfers "Cookie" will
obviously be at a stage  where they will beware of the type of intrusions
that appear to be lurking in that film, and will conceal them.  A telecine,
after all, is another form of camera, not a projector, but we all know that
already, right?

Anybody on the TIG and not at NAB?
Joe Owens
Studio Post

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