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recent telecine announce list......

While many of you are at NAB - this came over the announce list:

>>MegaShapes are created in real-time at any resolution - add clouds,
>>images, effects, full colour logos to video or data files.  Add
>>texture over the whole image or in colour isolated picture areas.

>>Choose the textures and shapes from the Platinum Vault or cut them from
>>previous scenes or drag them from a graphics package. Be amazed!

When the lot of you get back, can someone give me a first hand account of
this?  I'm in line for a Davinci
2K upgrade -- that I don't think will be ready for consumption any time
soon..... While I have my reasons for buying Davinci, I am ever more
concerned at their lack of support, their buggy software, their poor Spirit
interface, and their continual misunderstanding of what commercial colorists
actually need. Will some Mega-def loving commercial colorist please set the
record straight on what mega-def is capable of, and what the real world
hardware support is like?  I still have another room to upgrade.

On a better note,
Thanks in advance for answering this, I couldn't  make NAB due to the birth
of my son - Jacob Leffel
4/16/99, 2:37 am, 8 lbs 4 oz.  (Child #2)

Happy technology absorbtion -

Craig Leffel

   ..... maybe I'll go to IBC -- at least I'll get some sleep!!!!!

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