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The NAB convention is almost over, and if this year is like the past
few years, don't be surprised if there is a dearth of messages on this
group for a little while-- it seems we get our fill of networking and 
come back satiated, and in no need of new connections for a while.  I
would hope that there will be some deconstruction of the significant
news of this show from some of our subscribers... I would say that for
telecine, it was certainly a more interesting show than last year's.

The Telecine Fun Night was great, it was held in a pub close to
downtown, and even I stayed almost until the end.  The winner of the
Tweaker award was:

Stuart Hunt
Chris Bacon

--in other words, it was a tie between those two, a dead heat.  They
both gave fine, erudite speeches which were heard by a few of the less
reveling crowd.. more deserving gentlemen would be hard to find.

Each past winner of the Tweaker was there to receive a plaque, though
in the first two years it was the 'Nerdie' award (for me and for Paul
Grace).  Dave Corbitt, Paul Grace, Stuart Hunt, Chris Bacon and I
shared the stage, basking in the incalescence of the moment.  Thanks
to the sponsors for a great party.

Quite a few TIG Tshirts went to some of the people at the party, but
soon I'll have the leftovers here, which will number about 50, so
anyone who wants one please contact me, I'll see what I can do to get
one out to you.  I know I missed getting a few to those who had asked
for them.

I'd like to thank the following people:

Seamus O'Kane  --as always an amiable, articulate host
Joe Moore      --for his altruism
Catherine Pantazopoulos
               --for her navigation skills and friendship
Dom Rom        --"I'm going to hell".. me too Dom.
Bob Bajorek    --unbelievably, he succeeded where many would have failed
Ken Robinson   --for offering help, for being a true friend
Alex Pimentel  --fez a festa completa
Derrick Billin --for sharing cabs and planes
Mike Orton     --still very much in our midst thank goodness

Sam Holtz, Mike Waldie, Jim Erckson, Tarcis, Griff, Gerlinda, Lundo,
Blake Jones, Gary Weissenberger, Tom McMahon, Mariana, Ana, Ralph
Edwards, Delphi, Bill Hogan, and especially Peter Leatherland, Donna
Reid, Lisa, John, and Dalih.

TIG admin
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