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Re: NAB 99

Steve writes,

>I am looking for others opinions of what was seen at the show this year. In
>particular, C-Reality, Spirit, and Sony telecines. Here is how I felt about
>what I looked at.

[Many excellent observations on telecines and color correctors omitted]

I think one big piece of news is the HDTV telecine of Innovations TK.  While
the prototype on display was not  ready to make pictures yet, I'd have to
say that this is by far the most audacious Mk. III "upgrade" ever attempted.
The thinking behind it is first-rate, and my guess is that for HDTV, the
machine will equal or surpass some of the above-mentioned telecines at a
much lower cost.

The Philips "Spectre," which they were showing in a private conference room,
was also really interesting.  This is essentially a massive data disk
recorder which may be interfaced to a color corrector, to other workstations
for compositing and effects, and the like, making it the core of an
electronic film postproduction system.  Now we know what the 2K data output
on the back of a "Spirit" is for!

Everybody was showing 1080/24P post production gear, all of which will be
available within a year or so.  While there appeared to be lukewarm support
for the segmented frame version of this standard outside Sony, at least a
couple of manufacturers, including Panasonic, have "leapfrogged" it and gone
straight to 1080/24P non-sF equipment.  In any event, it appears that this
will be the future of post production, at least in the crossroads between
film and video.

Best regards,
Christopher Bacon
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