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Re: NAB 99

Steve --

I'm in substantial agreement with what you say.

The big news is that C-Reality is real now. and excellent.
The full bandwidth (i.e., full spatial sampling) of color
will be a great advantage for it in green or blue screen
compositing.  You don't need that resolution for direct
viewing, the human visual system can't detect it.  But when
you're using chroma information to make luma decisions, it

I've stopped bothering to look at the Sony machine.  Is it
true that nothing was broken in shipping on it this time?
Can this third horse do anything that the other two can't?
If not, then it's a two horse race.

Like their 601 era predecessors, Spirit and C-Reality give
you two different looks, perhaps even more so than the Kodak
vs. Fuji decision.  Directors of Photography will make the
call.  It would be ideal to walk from machine to machine
with the same piece of film, and try it on all of them.  I'd
like to splice a little RP-40 onto that roll.   ;-)

-- J.S.

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