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Re: DaVinci Renaissance 8:8:8 question.

>Does anybody know of a way to "lock" the kilo-vector Hilite function
>so that is doesn't turn off once the telecine is put into play?
>... allowing me to transfer film B&W except with the kilo-vector
>in color?

Why would you want to do it this way?  Hilite was never designed to be used
this way, the transitions from kilovector to no-kilovector are very harsh.
It's only a selection tool.

The way I would do it would be to take out all color via Davinci primary
saturation and then reveal what you want using a kilovector.  This is much
cleaner and gives you a lot more control.  In fact, you can use as many
kilovectors as you want.  Also, true black and white is NOT a color video
image that has had it's saturation set to zero.  Black and white film "sees"
and renders colors in a different way.

Maybe there's something specific to your project that I am missing and the
above doesn't apply.

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