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SMPTE/USC ECinema Seminar-May 22

To all those interested in the recent explosion of discussion about
Electronic Cinema here is the real scoop!!

On May 22, 1999 the Hollywood Section of SMPTE with USC will hold their
annual Spring Seminar.  This year's topic is Electronic Cinema.

Last year's program was a sellout and we expect this topic to sellout
even earlier.  Don't delay.  Register now.  Full details are at:


Full side by side demonstrations with film of both the TI and Hughes/JVC
projectors.  This will be the exact technology that George Lucas will
deploy when Star Wars Phantom Menace is presented Electronically in
theaters starting in late June 99.  The subject of telecine transfer for
electronic projection will be addressed.

Sign up early and don't be left out.  If you have further questions
please email me and I will try and answer your questions.

Best Regards, Bill

NAB telecine product focus at

Thanks to DAV and Dave Walker for support in 1999
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