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Re: The TIG is awfully quiet!

On 1999-04-28 at 05:46, Bob Buckner (bbuckner at sprynet.com) wrote:

> Rob,
> I haven't been getting any TIG postings for several days now.  Is
> something amiss?

Quoting my own message of last week that went out to everyone, I
guess a lot of people didn't read it-- I've been getting many
questions about why there aren't messages in the mail from the TIG--
this has happened every year since 1994 when the group was founded.

the below is in its entirety at

> The NAB convention is almost over, and if this year is like the past
> few years, don't be surprised if there is a dearth of messages on this
> group for a little while-- it seems we get our fill of networking and 
> come back satiated, and in no need of new connections for a while.

for me, I came back to a huge backlog of work and mail, so sorry if
I've been slow catching up.

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