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Digital betacam to Kine

Rob's comment re the quietness on the TIG has spurred me on.

What is the general feeling about grading a Digital Betacam Programme
destined for 35mm cinema release.?
Any comments?.... thoughts? ...techniques? ...dangers?
In areas such as midtones, noise reduction, black levels, clipping...etc..
Say, for example, the origin would be the Sony DVW700 camera, the programme
being edited Digital on-line and grading t2t of the final edit.
And also presume, (and hope), the path to film would be the best available.

It seems to me as there will be an increase in this sort of work, as the
transfer to film process available nowadays is much better.
And, yes, I know, telecine is not used in this process, .....but the same
people are..

Peter Balfour
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