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Re: Re: The TIG is awfully quiet!

>On 1999-05-04 at 22:47, Patrick Gregston (patrick at pictureworks.net) wrote:
>> that I heard anything approaching an answer. Maybe the group might have
>> How much resolution will be enough?
>sounds like a good question to post.
>Rob Lingelbach

Here's my 2 cents ---

What kind of resolution?  Color?  Temporal? Spatial? Apparent?  OK, I
digress.   When the day comes that I can make any color I can see in  the
real world with my own eyes and any shade of that color, I'll be happy.  If
any of you ever happen to get a chance to look at an 8x10 neg that has been
contact printed, or any larger format neg, the kind of resolution that film
is capable of will be astonishingly apparent. The fact that Photography
figured this stuff out over 100 years ago is overlooked and taken for
granted. ANY advancement in the resolution of our tools should be an overdue
welcome sight to anyone.  The technical bickering about what is the best way
to go is expected, but let's not forget the grail just because the economics
of it might be difficult in the beginning.  Anyone remember what the first
calculator, car, computer, or VCR cost?   Higher resolutions in broadcast
will all be worth it in the long run, it might just kill some of us getting
there --  But, hey, one small step for man - right?   I know I'm
oversimplifying here  -- but the "problems" behind HD are not so much for
the average post house. We've always operated above the curve --  quality
and resolution are an assumption.  Many people  ( in TV stations and home
viewing land) have never seen a real 601 uncompressed image- and possibly
never will.  Resolution is a no brainer for a post house, finding anyone
else in the broadcast market that seems to care about quality seems to be
the real issue.  As to economics, I don't really care. Any real advancement
made by film makers in this century has usually been with regard to
integrity and quality and left to accountants to figure out the details. As
colorists, we help translate those visions, and personally, I'm all for
anything that helps me preserve those ideals.

Idealist?  sure -  sue me.   Patently erroneous?  great,  I'm still a
believer.  Hand- wringing artist turned colorist that doesn't get that we're
NOT film makers? ( Like some folks privately like to remind me)  --guilty as
charged,  but if you don't think you're part of the process, then why
bother? there are plenty of factory jobs out there.......

Blindly submitted for the chopping block,

Craig Leffel

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