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Re: Electronic Cinema

Christopher --

The two biggest factors that will keep the film business going
for a long long time are the huge installed base of theatrical
projectors, and the archival reliability of film.  Even if a
big budget picture were to be made electronically, they'd have
to output to film for the bulk of their release, and they'd
surely want a film element to protect them against obsolescence
of the electronic system and deterioration of tape.

Initially, of course, the quality of the electronic stuff will
be lower than film.  But, for any given price performance point,
there'll be somebody who will use it to make a picture.  I'd
expect to see gritty little features shot on mini-DV, for which
mini-DV is the right aesthetic choice.

Did any of you check out the Arriflex laser tape to film machine
at NAB?  It looked very good, though the projection conditions
weren't adequate to make a critical judgement.

-- J.S.

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