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Re: Electronic Cinema

The current round of HD cameras in no way compare to film. The imaging
electronics are at best close to 2K which is not film quality. In a one for
one projection 2K does look close to film resolution but try pushing in or
rotating the picture in an optical. The electronic image falls apart. The
dynamic range of the camera is less than film and the tools for focus are
not as good as those found on a film camera.

The noise characteristic of a fixed array sampling system is very different
from the film noise effect. Fixed sampling arrays produce their own set of
distinctive artifacts that will continue to be a limiting factor in
electronic image capture.

This is not to say that some producers might replace film cameras in
documetary work or for 3 camera comedy. But in the end those producers will
be stuck with tape archives that do not play back on contemporary
equipment. This is a hard lesson the studios learned and one which they are
likely not to repeat. The talent and sets in front of the camera are much
more expensive that the differential in the film processing. Electronic
Cinema is a distribution scheme that augments print distribution. It will
be a while before film is replaced as an aquisition and archive medium.

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