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Earthing/Neutral system in UK (or non-german) Studios.

Please would someone in the UK (or non-german studio) give me some info on
how your studios are earthed; how and where the earth and neutral are linked
if at all.
I have been at loggerheads with our electricians here who say that our
electrical system is according to german wiring regulations. Independant
consultants agree with me and say that what we have here is the german
standard but it is primative compared with the rest of the world. They say
it is okay for a normal factory but no good for a video studio.

Details: They have no seperate Eath conductor or local earth (one has since
been added due to my complaining), only the Neutral. This goes to the star
point at the substation. The power flowing in the neutral then causes the
"earth" to go up and down.
(This does infact cause problems in domestic systems where imbalance in the
phases can make the neutral sit at several volts so causing people to get
electric shocks when they reach from say the bath and touch a washing
machine in the bathroom.)

look forward to your responses,

Phil Budden

Thanks to DAV and Dave Walker for support in 1999
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