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Re: Electronic Cinema

> Did any of you check out the Arriflex laser tape to film machine
> at NAB?  It looked very good, though the projection conditions
> weren't adequate to make a critical judgement.

I did!
I'm a big fan of the work Arri are doing.
I did notice chronic flare on the test film they gave me at the show but
this may be due to calibration of the system. The film had come from an end
user of the system and surprised me and Arri when I pointed this out in the
level of flare of the density chart. All new products take time to set up
and calibrate etc and I guess this is ongoing or simply a bad transfer. It's
a very nicely made machine and they should feel proud of their achievements.
I understand that the waiting list is quite long.

Usual disclaimer....I am not German nor work for Arri etc etc :)

Paul Grace

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