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Re: Electronic Cinema

>Ken Cosi writes:
>For the time being...
>Remember what they said about no one ever finishing on NLE (Avid Type)
>systems, when they first came out.

I remember exactly. In 1990, I proposed to the American Cinema Editors Board
of Directors that they, being the 360 editors who worked the most in
Hollywood, specify what terms and functions they wanted from the then
existent non-linear vendors.
"It'll never happen" "Not in my career" ( He wanted to retire that fast)
"Maybe someday".
This evolution was all but over in Hollywood in 1996.
John Sprung is right. As long as there are 35mm projectors where people pay
to pass through the doors, film will be released. And nobody wants to pay to
keep engineers to maintain the archives.
Murch's article is more interesting for what he says about culture, the
reasons we go out to films, than it is about technology.

Patrick Gregston
The Picture Works
Patrick at pictureworks.net

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