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Re: Electronic Cinema

>Fellow Broadcast Engineers:
>I never case to be amazed at the short sightedness of the authors on this
>forum.  Were we to believe them about electronic cinema, it's anyone's
>how we ever got past shading the TK-20 film chain.  Don't blink.  It will
>come to pass faster than you can possibly imagine and some will be asleep
>the wheel.  Just remember the penalty in the military for that offense.

And I never cease to be amazed at people who pick up "Popular Mechanics" and
"Readers' Digest" visions of technological progress and imagine that the
future is already here!  The archives of such publications are chock full of
autogyros,  videophones, personal submarines, and all manner of other
inventions that were just around corners which turned out to be dead ends.
And even for things that work the way their creators claim, there is still a
tremendous gap between technical success and commercial viability.

Nobody I've heard from in this forum is saying that electronic cinema will
never come.  My opinion was only that the two main projection concepts need
further development before they'll be up to the job.  The problems are not
trivial, but I don't doubt they will eventually be solved, as will the
logistics of implementing the new systems.  There's simply too much money at
stake, at least in the big theater chains, for it not to happen sooner or

Nor is anybody saying that electronic image capture for film won't happen,
which would be a silly thing to say since it is going on right now.  What I
said is first, the predicted demise of the release print business has
practically nothing to do with the negative business, so film is still
available for the purpose, and will be for a long time to come.

Christopher Bacon

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