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Re: Earthing/Neutral system in UK (or non-german) Studios.

Phil --

Here in the USA, we go by our National Electrical Code, which is
adopted and enforced by the building and safety departments of all
major cities.  It requires separate neutral and ground conductors
to all branch circuits.  Neutral and ground are connected at the
service entrance (where the kilowatt-hour meters are for billing)
on each building.  At that point there is also a connection made to
true ground through connection to the water plumbing system, or in
the case of plastic plumbing, to a copper coated steel rod driven
a considerable distance (I think it might be 6 feet) into the ground.
I believe that the utility companies also run a ground rod at the
base of the pole that holds the transformer, and ground the center
tap there, too.

Strangely enough, it is allowed to share a neutral between two branch
circuits on opposite phase of a single phase three wire system.  Thus,
current in the neutral can result in a higher than nominal voltage on
the lightly loaded side.  The electricians can't understand why I don't
like that....

-- J.S.

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