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Re: Electronic Cinema

Christopher Bacon wrote:

> ...in my opinion, the Hughes/JVC light amplifier didn't have quite enough
> brightness or contrast for the job, and the TI prototype cinema DLP
> evidenced motion artifacts and insufficient tonal range when I saw it last
> fall.

I don't know about what you saw and where, but at the most recent demo
I was very impressed.  Although I can critique other aspects of the EC,
especially with the Hughes, contrast and certainly light output was not a
problem.  In fact both EC projectors, especially the TI were much brighter
than even the film projection.

Motion artifacts?  This is the first I've heard that.  There were absolutely
no motion artifacts at all.  What motion artifacts did you see?  I was very
surprised and impressed with the very close match they were able to
achieve to a flat 1:85 print and with the general progression of both technologies.
EC is not yet though capable of approaching the quality of a good c/s print
with its present resolution limitations.

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