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RE: Electronic Cinema

	>>Such labs would barely notice the loss of release printing because
if they
	>>do any at all, it's typically small orders of a handful of prints
now and

	Ah, but Kodak and Fuji sure would. My fears for the future of film
origination come from simple economics: Kodak and Fuji sell far more print
film than negative film (in the motion picture market). For every 700,000
feet of negative exposed for a feature, more than 15 million feet of prints
are made (if there are 1500, 10000 foot prints). Without that market, Kodak
and Fuji might both find the motion picture business rather hard to justify.
If not for television (which, of course, does not have a release print
requirement) they might be finding it hard to justify now.

	That's only my opinion, I could be wrong.

	Mike Most

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