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Re: Electronic Cinema

>.  Protection against piracy is a
> major issue for the studios, by the way.

Yes, and this applies to any medium the software is on be it film, data or
video tape. Being on film does not guarantee against piracy unfortunately,
but this I feel is not the major issue holding back EP.

>Personally, I appreciate the fact that at least some
> people in the movie industry are concerned about having electronic
> projection that rivals the best of film before going ahead.

That's fine but we are in a transition phase and I don't understand some
people in our industry tolerate such poor projection standards of film in
our traditional cinemas today either. Small screen multiplex cinemas and
poor film care has paved the way for an easier transition to EP.

> Release printing is a very different business than negative developing.

Yes but it will impact stock manufacturers and the development of film if
their revenue is seriously depleted. The labs in London service both neg and
print, they will lose business.

> While electronic cinema is likely to impact the release print business, we
> could actually end up using more negative since in the long run movies will
> be less costly to make, and perhaps more of them will therefore be produced!

That's an interesting thought.
The cost of the negative on a project is a small portion of the budget.
Going EP actually effects the distribution cost's not the production costs.
They could actually save money on rush prints.
I don't think this is the main reason why EC is being driven forward.

This is a very emotive subject because so many of our livelihoods are linked
directly to film. As professional's we all appreciate a quality product.
It will be interesting seeing how it develops. (sorry about the pun :)  )

Paul Grace

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