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Re: Electronic Cinema

Hi All,

First I apologise if my figures are not correct but the gist of the storey is

I wen to the JVC cinema in the Hilton where they showed Sheakspear  in Love.  I
arrived for the last 1/2 hour.  I had to sit at the rear of the room due to
being late.  At one point in time I was hit with a scenic that made the thee
silhouette of the people in front of me were in the image on the screen, like an
old cartoon. The clarity was that good.

After the session I spoke with one of the JVC guys who told me the following:

They were running about 14 Foot lamberts reflection of the screen the night
before and many complained that it was too bright/contrasty etc.
(In essence I think he said 12 was standard for film projection)

the next day they lowered the output to 10 or 11 and every body was commenting
on the improvement and suddenly people went from gee it's OK to This is just
like film.

They were running 1080 as this was the only format they could get to replay off
but the resolution was around 3K horizontal.  This trashes the comments on

The only complaint I had was that they didn't have 2 VCRs and we had to wait for
the tape changes.  Even though I was towards the rear of the theatre I felt the
image was smooth, clean and while I still would like to think we are watching
celluloid we wont be for much longer once the technology comes down in cost.

I dont know about others but I am constantly irritated by a stuttered motion in
what should be smoth pans in cinema.  I can only attribute this to electronic
enhancement in the post phase of production.  In particular You've got mail had
a severe problem when I saw it at the cinema.  I could not understand why this
happened, any comments.

Rod Sommerich

I must note that I work as the sales manager for a distributor of Electrohome (a
rival to JVC)and I do profit from the electronic projection industry but I do
not have any connection with JVC etc.

Thanks to DAV and Dave Walker for support in 1999
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