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Re: Electronic Cinema

Paul Grace wrote:
> That's fine but we are in a transition phase and I don't understand some
> people in our industry tolerate such poor projection standards of film in
> our traditional cinemas today either. Small screen multiplex cinemas and
> poor film care has paved the way for an easier transition to EP.

I cannot agree with you more. Projection standards are seemingly non
existent. The past two films I have seen have been disasters. In the
first one, I had to run to find the ticket taker, and tell him that the
film was jumping, he ran to the booth, and I guess he hit the "LooP"

SHAME On the theater owners. Shame on the Projectionists Union for
letting this happen. My Uncle was a union projectionists, He at least
had to learn about projectors, sound equipment, power supplies, optics,
how to properly splice film, and how to repair or remove damaged perfs.
Which is just a wee bit more difficult than tearing paper tickets.

The next theater was even worse. Projector on automatic, no
projectionist in the theater. During the Previews the projector just
shut off. Of course I shouldn't be surprised. It is in an innovative
place called Movie Works, down near St. Augustine in Florida. You sit on
chairs and order food, which is brought to you during the first 20
minutes of the movie. The sign on the front of the movie theater sums it
up. Help wanted - Projectionist. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.

Now, while I am impressed by the Video projectors I am seeing, I expect
a rapid loss ion quality, by lack of proper maintenance.

Steven Gladstone
Brooklyn, Based Cinematographer

Thanks to DAV and Dave Walker for support in 1999
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