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Electronic Cinema

I can't do it any longer, I've been resisting the temptation but I have to
join in :-)

1) Motion Picture neg. is a tiny part of the Kodak production of neg. it's
an off-shoot of the domestic happy snaps market so neg. for origination
isn't threatened. Yet.

2)  Do some simple sums, cost of video projection and write off time of
investment and the equivalent with a film projector. Now multiply the huge
loss involved, loss in terms of replacement and much higher annual
amortisation, by the number of film projectors world-wide. It'll happen
but not soon.

3) Home video gets bigger and better quality, people expect more not the
same when they go out. The cinema experience has to keep getting better
not worse in order to hold an audience.

4) Maybe there's be a split in market, small well written films only
distributed to HDTV and DVD and then there'll be the events in stereo Imax

5) Image quality, the audience may not know why they like or dislike
something but they quickly vote with their pockets when they have a
comparative choice and the difference is clear.



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