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Re: Re:Electronic cinema

>I hope there are enough discerning cinema fans out there to make enough
>fuss if the big screen experience goes down the pan for the sake of a few bucks.
I'm afraid your hopes will be dashed.

Once movies became available on home video, where any feature was available
shortly after release, the moviegoing experience lost most of its mystique
for many.

Think of what you get for your $7-$11 (at least in the US): 

An endless slide show touting local merchants or the theme park attached to
the theater chain before the show starts, all the while the piped in music
is being interrupted every few minutes pushing the CD you're hearing.

Then the lights dim, and you get to see at least one or two :60 to 2:00
national spots. Then a series of commercials for upcoming movies. Then the
show starts. 

But because they've just watched an endless series of commercials, and
because they get to watch pictures very close to their release in their
homes, some of the Yahoos in attendance think they ARE home, and don't stop
talking when the picture starts, and have no problem with ongoing comments
throughout the movie. Most of those in attendance couldn't tell an out of
focus projector if it fell on them. They barely care about the content,
never mind the form.

Strangely enough, though, if the sound is too loud or too soft or
distorted, almost everyone comments. Everyone is an audio expert for some

Personally, if it wasn't for the occasional screening by the camera local
or the Visual Effects Society, I'd never see a film projected because I
simply won't go. The experience is just too annoying.

I think we can discuss quality and relative merits until our tweakers rot,
but the final decision on theater systems and distribution methods (like
almost all decisions made in the industry in the last fifteen or so years)
will be made by the accountants.


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