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Re: Electonic cinema

John Palmisano wrote:
 I am still wondering if anybody has seen HD video in comparison to a HD film
> transfer? Does HD video come close or are we still looking at the same
> differences in quality that we are currently seeing with film
> origination versus video origination?
> While HD video is certainly an improvement over SD video in terms of resolution, and for
some situations it might make sense to use it instead of film, it still
has the same problems 
due to it's electronic nature.  It still has limited color and  contrast
range compared to 
35mm film, and lacks the depth and subtlety of film originated images.  

One thing that surprises me, especially in this group, is the assumption
that somehow
film has stood still while video has progressed tremendously.  A lot of
r&d has gone into improving
film stocks in the past 10 or 15 years.  As a result we have some
amazingly light sensitive 
stocks with very little visible grain, and improved resolution.

Electronic display of films in theaters is probably inevitable, but as a
image capturing medium, 
film seems to have an uncanny ability to survive in a business where
technology changes faster than
the weather.  Anything is possible; and HD video may someday be
developed to the point where it replaces
film photography to a large degree, but I wouldn't make any bets on it
happening anytime soon.

I do, however, agree with some of the sentiment stated in this group
that big money interests have too
great of a hold on film production, and if making use of HD videography
"democratizes" the making
of films and leads to increased production, all the better!  Some of the
best story tellers may
not have the means to shoot 35mm film, and if using video allows them to
get their artistic ideas
out there, I'm all for it.  Like Paul Grace, I'm a punk rocker at heart. :)

Phil Voss,
"anarchy in the USA"

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