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Re: Re:Electronic cinema

Stuart writes:

>All this talk of the new 'Star Wars' movie had me wondering about how these
>projection systems cope with a 'scope image (2.35:1) ? Are they fixed at
>and letterboxed? Does it show 2.35:1 at all or show pan and scanned images?
>I would feel very short changed to see 'The Phantom menace' the same way I
>view them at home on a 16:9 display. 70 mm on a huge screen or a postage
>stamp. What would you prefer?

Right now, this is a stumbling block for electronic cinema.  The
projector manufacturers recognize that more pixels are needed horizontally
than in HDTV (2,500~3,000) to handle widescreen and scope formats with
adequate resolution, but none of the current crop of HDTV telecines go out
that far.  Of course, it is possible to scan a feature at 4K, but at about
four frames a minute, it is presently a lot cheaper and faster to just make
a print!

Best regards,
Christopher Bacon

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