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Re: Electronic Cinema

Geoff Boyle wrote:

> 1) Motion Picture neg. is a tiny part of the Kodak production of neg. it's
> an off-shoot of the domestic happy snaps market so neg. for origination
> isn't threatened. Yet.

If this is true then film really has a problem. Cost effective digital cameras
should at some point bury 35mm and Advantix in the consumer market. I would not
bet on that market to sustain film for the long haul. Send pictures of the kids
to grandma over E-mail with no processing costs and a camera that I would bet
will soon cost under $200.00. You can't stop progress, you can only argue over

I envision a time when I will have to drive 200 miles to some little shop in
the city to buy rolls of film for my Nikon (I've got another 50 or so years
OK). Can someone help me find some KT66s for my Heathkit tube amps?
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