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Re: Electronic Cinema

DC   Wrote ;

>Which leads me to believe that, if Tucson viewing audiences are considered
>"average" by any means, then the "average" theater goer possibly doesn't
>what's good or bad in terms of image quality. Perhaps, as in previous
>postings regarding this subject, the viewer may know something is wrong and
>can't describe it, but, in this case, I didn't hear any booing or mass
>because the image was soft focus. Nor was there any applause when I walked
>back in. I've never complained about image quality before or since (too
>passive I guess), but, that time something had to be said.

When the film " Pi "  played here in Chicago, one of the main houses showed
it with the wrong lens for weeks.  ( It seems it needed an anamorphic lens
and the theatre didn't have one.)  it played for weeks with people
complaining all the time. What is amazing is that I hear people discussing
the fact that it was shot "out of focus" and "stretched"  all the time  ---
as if it were intentional.   How flippy is that?

Projection standards have degraded?  --- are there any? does anyone else
have a problem with the fact that the general idea of union labor in this
instance has killed the chances of any interested, intellegent film student
getting a chance to do this for a living ( paltry sum tho it may be)?
Because the chains have been burned by union laborers, no one gets a
chance - except the "ushers".  Make sense to anyone else?

Before anyone jumps me for the union thing, I've been around projectors for
awhile-but I'm no expert. Right back to the slide projector in the 5th grade
( I got to load it all the time -- whee!) , the 16mm projector in high
school (Psych class, debate team), Dailies and workprints, you name it --
it just doesn't seem that hard.  Last time I gave a print to a union
projectionist, he rolled the freshly cleaned print onto the floor to see if
it was "flat" or "scope"....

While we're lamenting that theatre goers don't notice or care, what about
some of the people that helped us get here takin a few whacks on the

I am not a union projectionist nor do I ever care to be one.....

Craig Leffel

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