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Re: Electronic Cinema

Robert Luciano wrote:

There is a projection standard by Kodak call Screen Check- a certification
program (similar to what THX is for audio)

In comment to the above:
Last week Kodak tried to give a demo of their "screen check" program and it was
a disaster.  They tried to show the effect of low screen brightness by
"prepossessing" the film through data and back to film.  It didn't work.
Lowering the brightness of the data and then recording back out to film is not
the same as a projector running at low brightness.  But the most embarrassing
part of the demo was for the whole demo it was being projected out of focus
--  with those present yelling for the projectionist  to focus the film.  Even
the best efforts go astray.  Oh well.
(Also THX-Lucas had or still has a program called "TAP"-- Theater Alignment
Program --  don't think it is being used much.)
Everyone's comments are correct.  Projection is going to have to improve to
keep the audience.  Going to video will probably only make the inconsistent get

Regards, Bill Hogan

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