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Re: film matchback software

At 06:15 PM 5/10/99 -0400, Vince Forcier wrote:
>Hello all,
>    We are doing a project that has HD and 24 frame film (archive)
>sources.... Is there a way to easily make
>sure that whenever a film shot appears, it follows the same sequence
>that was previously established? 

Specify that the HD record master be done with non-drop timecode. (Offer a
clone to a new master in DF if the client can't deal with the NDF.)

Specify that the film clips each be telecine transfered such that the "A"
frame falls on a frame number equal to 0,5,10,15... (This is commonly known
as SMPTE A framing.) When a film transfer clip needs to droped into the HD
tape master, make sure that the master IN point has the same modulo 5
realationship to the film clip tape source timecode IN point. ( A source
timecode ending in :06 can cut to a master timecode at :06, :11, :16, :21,
:26 or :01. ) You will be locked to a 5 frame sync granularity between the
master and the film clip material but the actual edit in point can be
performed on any timecode. As an advanced technique, you might have the
film material retransfered retransfered to match the HD master timecode
number to remove the sync restrictions. Give the telecine transfer operator
the timecode IN point for each clip and ask that the sequence be forced to
match. The TLC editor often found in telecine can do this easily.

You are cutting between 60 field per second HD video (I assume) to 3:2
sequenced film so I don't know what advantage you gain to having all the
film material distributed throuout the program with coherent 3:2 but this
is the simple, manual way to do it.

David Tosh <dlt at earthlink.net>
Engineer, Complete Post Hollywood, CA USA

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